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Who are We

The Synergy team is comprised of experienced and knowledgeable individuals incorporating executive leadership, operations, IT, and client services. Every member of the team provides something unique and each individual contributes to the success of the whole. When you engage Synergy, you connect with a partner who understands that success comes when you intentionally integrate individual talents to build teams.

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SYNERGY SOLUTIONS Call Center is a state of the art telemarketing outsources company located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our goal as a company is to help businesses improve the all-important customer relationship by improving the way they communicate.

As one of the country’s leading BPO, we have collated all our knowledge and experience in the area of telemarketing to produce the SYNERGY MARKETING IDEAS - our very own telemarketing tips to help you generate and undertake your own campaigns.

We have broad experience providing successful customer engagement solutions for companies of all sizes. Our core specialization lies in ability to develop a high quality work-force that uses robust technology to develop customized contact center solutions for clients across a wide variety of industries.

  • Collaborate with Synergy BPO, LLC in ~ 2015
  • Revamped Office location in ~ 2014
  • Founded in ~ 2012

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Meet the Team.

We Are A Bunch Of Hard Working Individuals
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Arman Kabir

Founder & CEO

Team Image

Arefin Abir

Chief Technical Officer

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Naheen Rabby

Operations Manager

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Mahamud Rahman

Training & Development Manager

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Rifad-Al Farhad

HR Manager

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Mahedi Hasan

Asst. Manager, Operations

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Iffat Chowdhury

Finance Manager