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For Small Business

Outsourcing is not a very new technique. It grows parallel with a well organized business process. Outsourcing plays an important role thus enabling the business people to achieve their targets easily and help them to achieve victory in their business.It is not that easy for a single person to handle the whole operations of a business concern. It comprises of many difficult task to be done. Outsourcing is done in such cases to handle certain function of the business operations. If these tasks are done efficiently and effectively then without any doubts the business will surely reach the path of success.Some of the benefits that associated with Outsourcing are: focusing on core activities, getting connected with skilled expertise, increasing in-house efficiency with better risk management, run the business very smoothly (24X7), improves services thus making a happy customer, operational control, staffing flexibility, controls capital cost etc. The benefits of outsourcing are many but it is not very easy to find a right individual or a company for outsourcing business functions. Therefore every business owner must aware of finding the right partners for Outsourcing and should keep a track whether the working is getting done properly and efficiently.

For Medium Business

Small to medium sized businesses have unique needs when considering how to take advantage of cost effective outsourcing of some of their business processes. Many organizations providing these types of products and services are overpriced or require too many resources from the customer. Many larger businesses that were either able to setup their own captive units or work with large outsourcers are realizing real benefits from these types of initiatives.Business Process Outsourcing makes perfect sense in fact for SMBs who are usually strapped for resources and have an absolute need to derive maximum ROI on every dollar spend. BPO frees up valuable resources and capital to re-allocate on other important project. Convene specializes in offering these types of services for the SMB segment. We are able to leverage our domain experts in a variety of industries along with our IT division to offer quality service to our customers. Our processes are geared towards working with small teams. The keys to our success are flexibility in people, process and tools. We take a long term holistic and partnership based approach with all our clients.

For Corporate

Outsourcing has become a mainstream activity of almost all global corporations and is now considered as an essential business strategy. Rapid globalization has forced companies to relocate entire Sales, Marketing, Customer Support and IT departments overseas. Recent trends suggest that more and more companies are expanding the range of services and development activities they outsource. Outsourcing is no longer a dirty word and seldom do you hear horror stories about outsourcing. Outsourcing is increasingly seen as global sourcing or global delivery. Major corporations are increasingly setting up captive units that are owned and operated by them. The employees working for such captive units are considered as employees of the parent company or its offshore subsidiary.Companies outsourcing their various business processes and other administrative functions have consistently shown better financial performance and increased shareholder value. Substantial cost savings sometimes as high as 50% is achieved. Almost 30-35% of all Sales, Marketing, Customer Support and IT services are being delivered from offshore centers. Outsourcing will remain recession resistant. Newer functions such as legal and other knowledge processes will be the drivers of the next wave of outsourcing.